16 Burning Questions We Have For 13 Reasons Why Season 3

It seems like every episode of 13 Reasons Why that we watch leaves us with more questions than answers. The show doesn’t shy away from controversial topics or dramatic (and sometimes graphic) storylines. Season two focused more on the repercussions of Hannah’s death and the trial against the school board. As the students testified and more information about Hannah’s life came out, Clay and the rest of the characters struggled to come to terms with what had happened. But there were the equally traumatizing events of season two. The show kept us on the edge of our seat the entire time as we hoped that each student would get what they deserved (whether it was redemption, criminal charges, help, or refuge).

Unfortunately, at the end of the season, we were left entirely unsatisfied. Bryce walked free. Justin started taking heroin again. Tyler attempted a school shooting. Nothing is okay for the students or the community in Evergreen County. Needless to say, we have a ton of questions about what will happen during the confirmed third season. Let’s hope the next season answers all of our burning questions, even though we’re sure they’ll leave us with even more to ponder by the end of it.

16. Will clay take the heat for the school shooting?

During the final moments of season three, Clay manages to stop Tyler from opening fire on the school’s spring dance. As sirens wail in the background, Clay takes the gun from Tyler and helps him into Tony’s car so that he can escape. We don’t know where they went or how this whole situation will pan out, but we definitely need to know if Clay will take on the consequences of being caught standing outside the school with an assault rifle. Even though he didn’t have anything to do with the attack, it certainly will look sketchy when the police arrive.

Also, even if the police believe that Clay had nothing to do with the shooting, he still helped Tyler get away. It’s clear the police will have tons of questions for him, and he could face some consequences for the part he played in helping Tyler, even though he meant well.

15. Will tony go to jail for helping tyler escape from the police?

This brings us to another question. Throughout season two, we get to learn more about Tony’s actions on season one and explore his character. He’s faced criminal charges in the past, and any connection to further criminal activity could violate his probation and land him in jail. He makes this very clear when Clay tries to get his help with finding Justin. He still risks his own well-being to find Tyler and help him detox so he can testify in court.

Now, he’s helped Clay de-escalate the situation with Tyler and get him away from the school before the police show up. But that’s still a crime and Tony might have to face the consequences if he’s found out.

14. Will jessica, justin and alex form a love triangle?

It’s safe to say that there was a whole lot going on during the finale of season two. Not only did we have the tension of Tyler’s story peaking, but we also had Jessica finally confronting the fact that both Alex and Justin were back in her life in a big way. She took Alex to the spring dance, and they kissed on the dance floor. But that didn’t stop her from also kissing Justin in the locker room during said dance. Nobody ever said romance in high school wasn’t complicated.

Since Justin’s return, it’s been clear that Jessica still has feelings for both guys. All three of them are going through extreme PTSD from the rollercoaster ride that was seasons one and two, and Justin is also struggling with his drug addiction. We hope that they take time for themselves instead of getting involved in a love triangle, but it definitely seems like a plausible story that season three could explore.

13. Will Meth Seth Play A Larger, More Dangerous Role In Season 3?

When Clay found Justin and asked him to return to testify for Hannah, Justin was scared to return because he stole money from Seth, his mother’s boyfriend. He made a huge deal about it, saying that Seth would *literally* kill him if he returned. We believe it, considering that Seth abused Justin on more than one occasion during season one. However, when Justin goes to visit his mom, Seth isn’t there.

It isn’t until the end of season two that we see Seth waiting in a car outside Monet’s, presumably stalking Justin to seek revenge. Before this, Justin urged his mom to get away from Seth while she could. If his mom did escape, it’s safe to say that Meth Seth is probably pretty mad at Justin for stealing his money and making his girlfriend run away. The foreshadowing with him during the second season leads us to believe he may become one of the big villains of season three.

12. How Will Season 3 Be Narrated?

Season one was told by Hannah through the tapes she recorded. Season two was narrated largely through testimonies from students, parents, and professionals in the community during Hannah’s trial. This leaves us to wonder how season three will be told. Reddit user PumpkinSpice210 believes that season three will be told through police interviews as they try to find Tyler.

This actually makes a lot of sense, because it allows them to incorporate all of the main characters into the story since most of them knew about Tyler’s plan. Also, the story would likely be able to pick up right where it left off in this case, instead of five months later (which is how this season began). If this is how the season is narrated, it will be interesting to see how this new secret adds to the plot – plus, it’s very Big Little Lies.

11. How Will Nina And Jessica’S Friendship Come Into Play?

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. It seems way too obvious that Jessica and Nina would become friends through a sexual assault survivor group just so that Jessica could later find out that Nina was also sexually assaulted by one of the jocks at Liberty High. There has to be more to their friendship and their story, because 1) we really love Nina as a character and 2) it would be awful if the writers just used Nina as a one-dimensional character solely to move the plot with Bryce along.

We’d love to see Nina and Jessica support each other through their recovery as Nina learns to talk about her experience and Jessica tries to feel safe again in a world where Bryce walks free. Of all the characters, Nina seems like the only one who can truly relate to Jessica, and it seems like she needs that connection.

10. Will Chloe Keep Her Baby With Bryce?

The whole plot surrounding Chloe and Bryce really took a turn when we found out she was pregnant. It could potentially be why she decided to change her testimony at the last minute to defend Bryce. His family is wealthy and powerful, and it wouldn’t do her or the baby very well to have the two parents as enemies (even though Bryce is a terrible person and deserves consequences for his actions). It seems like she chose to stay with him, even after she saw the photos of herself being sexually assaulted, but we never see her tell him about the baby.

This show has tackled a number of issues that high school students go through, so it makes sense that they would take on teen pregnancy or abortion on season three. Either one will come with its own set of consequences that will certainly impact the entire community, even if Bryce claims to be transferring schools.

9. Is Bryce Really Gone From Liberty High?

Speaking of Bryce, it’s hard to believe that he’s transferring schools and will be completely written out of the story. He played such a major role on the first two seasons and contributed to most of the trauma that several of the characters are coping with. He didn’t receive any consequences for being a serial sexual predator, and it would be easy for him to leave town unscathed.

However, we have a feeling something will bring Bryce back into the picture. Even though the reality is that IRL many rapists do go free, having his exit be permanent would just leave such a pit in audience’s stomachs. Whether Chloe and her baby bring him back to Liberty or some other revelation, there’s no way that the show is done with him. We just hope that, if he does come back, he finally gets what he deserves (please, no unnecessary redemption arc for him. He’s simply the worst.)

8. Will Clay Finally Seek Mental Health Counseling?

Since the moment Clay started listening to Hannah’s tapes, his mental health has been spiraling. It’s understandable, considering the girl he loved is gone and he blames himself for her death. He’s dealing with immeasurable trauma and carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. No young person should have to process these types of events on their own.

On season two, Clay reaches some pretty dark places, especially after Skye leaves to receive mental health treatment. Though he worries initially, once he visits her, he realizes that treatment was the best possible thing she could do to help her cope with her depression. Since the show gave Clay a glimpse at the benefits of talking to professionals about your mental health, we hope that season three will give Clay the opportunity to seek help of his own – he def needs it.

7. Will Clay And His Parents Find Out About Justin’S Heroin Addiction?

You weren’t the only one who thought that Justin finally beat his drug addiction. Granted, it seemed a little far-fetched that he would detox for a few days and then be completely fine and drug-free, but we really wanted to believe the best for him. So, when we saw him asking his classmate for drugs and then shooting heroin into his foot, we were thoroughly disappointed.

Justin is one of the most dynamic characters on the show. While all of them are experiencing severe trauma, we feel for Justin because his trauma began way before the tapes even began. He’s been living with a mom who is a drug addict and her endless string of abusive boyfriends since he was in grade school. Now that he’s been adopted by Clay’s parents, we hope they do find out about his addiction so that they can help him beat it… for real this time.

6. Will Mackenzie And Tyler Rebuild Their Friendship?

Until the end of the show, season two gave us hope for Tyler because he finally found a group of friends who would stand by him. On season one, it seemed like he didn’t have anyone. He was lonely and clearly planning to retaliate against everyone who bullied him — until he found Cyrus and Mackenzie. For a short while, Tyler seemed to actually be happy and his anger towards those who had bullied him was contained because he found true friends. Even though the romantic plot between Mack and Tyler didn’t work out, it seemed as though their friendship could survive after Tyler returned from his mental health treatment.

Hopefully, if Tyler comes forward in season three to receive the help he truly needs, Mack will be there to support him and remind him that he does have friends who care about him and want to see him get better.

5. What Were Monty’S Motives For His Actions In Season Two?

This question raises some conflicting emotions. You see, no matter what the reason was, Monty’s actions were uncalled for. He tortured the community by scaring them in an effort to keep them from testifying against Bryce — and Bryce didn’t even ask him to! He literally tried to drive Clay off the road, he sent Alex a gun, and he hung a blow-up doll outside Jessica’s house. Honestly, it’s disgusting. But we need a motive.

There’s no way he was just doing this for Bryce because he was putting himself in danger of being caught the entire time. Also, when the group finally confronted him, he seemed pretty unstable. There has to be some greater connection between Monty and the polaroids for him to want the group to stay silent so bad. Seriously, most of the jocks didn’t want to see their friend go to jail, but they weren’t going to those lengths to silence the truth. Season three better address Monty’s reasons for acting the way he did – and he better face some consequences.

4. Will Some Of The Jocks Join Forces With Clay?

Throughout season two, we saw Zach begin to distance himself from Bryce and the rest of the jocks. He’s started to realize that their friendship and his popularity status aren’t important if all of them are rapists and bullies. We also saw Scott, another baseball player, reveal to Clay that he didn’t want to be associated with the abusers.

On season three, we hope that Scott and the rest of the team will come to terms with the actions of some of their teammates and the coach’s complicity in the whole situation, then distance themselves from the pack. Hopefully, this will make Liberty High administration wake up and do something about this culture of complacency. We want to see justice for Hannah, Jessica, Nina, Chloe, and all of the other girls at Liberty who were on those polaroids.

3. Will Liberty High’S Administration Finally Stop Being Complacent?

Speaking of… Hannah’s whole trial against the school district found them TECHNICALLY not guilty in their allowance of the bullying occurring at Liberty, but we definitely saw them overlook accusations against Bryce and dismiss any talk of bullying. In fact, they even banned students from talking about Alex or Hannah, as if they could make the students’ trauma go away if they just didn’t discuss it. The baseball coach turned a blind eye to everything the players were doing. As long as they played well and Bryce’s dad kept paying for the team’s uniforms and field, they were in the clear. So messed up. The prosecution may have been able to convince the jury that the school had nothing to do with Hannah’s death (which may or may not be true), but either way, the school’s administration needs to crack down on all she $h*! that’s going down there. Hopefully, season three will force school officials to take action (or they’ll get fired) so that everyone can feel safe walking the halls at Liberty.

2. Is This The End Of Mr. Porter’S Story?

At the end of season one, we were left to believe that Mr. Porter was just another jerk who didn’t believe a woman’s story of sexual assault. As we get to know his story more during season two, we realize that his oversight stemmed from more than just ignorance. His training from the school district didn’t allow him to understand the complexities of dealing with a student who had experienced violence but didn’t want to openly speak out about it. That doesn’t excuse the fact that he told Hannah to basically move on (which was the worst thing he could have possibly suggested to her at that moment), but it made us stop and think about completely judging him by this single action. It’s all part of a larger puzzle.

He attempted to make up for that oversight in season two by testifying against the school, naming Bryce as Hannah’s rapist, and sacrificing his job for acting out against rape culture at Liberty. We hope he returns in season three as an advocate for these kids who are trying to change the dynamics at their school.

1. Will Hannah Even Be A Part Of Season Three?

After season two, Katherine Langford said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she won’t return to the show if season three is confirmed. In the interview, she said “For me, we told Hannah’s story so fully in season 1.” At the end of season two, we also saw Clay finally let Hannah go and have the chance to say goodbye to her at her funeral service.

Since the actress likely won’t be returning to the show, it’s obvious that Hannah can’t play as large of a role as she did in the first two seasons. However, her tapes and her story were the catalysts behind the whole story, so it’s hard for us to imagine that Hannah will be written out entirely from the plot. The characters might have come to terms with her death, but it seems like they still want justice for her. While she may not physically be there (or spiritually, as she was with Clay), we think it’s safe to say her memory will drive the characters forward in season three.

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