One Direction – Up All Night Album Review

It isn’t just lovestruck teenage girls that would enjoy listening to the debut album from boy band One Direction. It is a solid pop album that will appeal to a wide range of pop music fans. The group collaborate with a top notch set of songwriters and producers while still retaining their own sound and style through most of the songs. The fact that all of the members of One Direction auditioned as solo artists comes through in the strength of their individual vocal turns in addition to the group harmonies here. A few songs do sound timeless while the rest are light, appealing pop music of the moment. One Direction deserve to stick around for awhile.

Multiple Hit Single Options

There are multiple options for hit songs here on Up All Night. The debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” is a durable classic. Its catchy singalong chorus has helped the song in a swift climb up the pop charts. “What Makes You Beautiful” was co-produced by Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk. “One Thing” is another track produced by the pair. It was another top 10 pop hit in the UK and could easily be a hit here as well. “One Thing” has an infectious uptempo energy sure to elicit screams from young fans and smiles from adults.

The title track “Up All Night,” produced by power pop master Matt Squire, is a catchy anthem. Just try and remain in your seat as the boys shout the, “I wanna stay up all night!” chorus. The mention of Katy Perry in the lyrics seems no accident. This song is as catchy as her hits. RedOne contributes a signature dance track with “Save You Tonight.” A solid reason to purchase the deluxe version of the album is to not miss the glorious ballad “Moments” co-written by Ed Sheeran. The group’s pledge of love while a relationship is coming to an end will be heart wrenching to young fans.

Up All Night Lacks Somewhat In Consistency

Although there are plenty of highlights, Up All Night is somewhat inconsistent. “Tell Me a Lie,” co-written by Kelly Clarkson seems like an effort to be a carbon copy of her biggest hits and sounds uncomfortable when sung by the group. “Taken,” “Everything About You,” and “Same Mistakes,” the three songs co-wrtten by the group members themselves, all seem to be lacking in energy and are forgettable tracks. “Stole My Heart” tries to close the standard version of the album with a dance club flourish, but the personality of the group members seem lost in a faceless club atmosphere.

Top Tracks On Up All Night

  • “What Makes You Beautiful”
  • “One Thing”
  • “Up All Night”
  • “Moments” (deluxe edition)

Leading a New Era Of the Boy Band?

Are One Direction on the leading edge of a new era of the boy band? If their UK colleagues The Wanted have a say in the matter, they certainly will be. It feels like the music of One Direction moves in a somewhat more mature direction than much of the boy band music of the past. This should give the group the opportunity to appeal to a wider audience, and perhaps it will ensure more staying power. For now, Up All Night is a pleasing, if imperfect, introduction for the group. Boy bands, produced well, do still have a place in pop music.

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