Adele – 21 Review

We all knew Adele was something impressive based purely on the voice she unleashed on her debut album 19. Often the material didn’t quite hold up to her vocal talents, but when it did on a song like “Chasing Pavements” or “Hometown Glory,” the impact was stunning. Adele became a well-deserving winner of the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Now, three years on, the quality of the songs has been raised, the production is solid, and the result is an album that can be seen as nothing short of a pop masterpiece. Adele is simply one of the most successful vocal artists in the music industry right now.

That Voice

Adele can truly belt like a number of legendary female vocalists of the past. However, she does have versatility that moves her music beyond the standard diva showcase. She can tower over the martial beats of the album’s first single “Rolling In the Deep” or pull back to a gentler bossa nova style interpretation of the Cure’s “Lovesong,” and then convey utter heartbreak in the album’s closer “Someone Like You.” She can dig down deep into her blues heart for the sway of “One and Only.” The sheer power and emotion in Adele’s voice is endlessly stunning.

Warm, Sympathetic Surroundings In Support

The sound of 21 is frequently timeless, and a key to that is the warm, engaging backing that 21’s stellar lineup of producers give to the songs here. Ryan Tedder delivers a Motown on steroids sound to animate “Rumour Has It” then breaks things down for a slow, crooning bridge until launching back into that classic soul beat. The match-up between Adele and Paul Epworth, known recently for his work with Florence and the Machine, seems made in music heaven. All three songs he worked on have a soulful swagger you won’t soon forget. “I’ll Be Waiting” is powerful, forward looking catharsis in a sea of songs detailing heartbreak and the wreckage of relationships gone sour. Rick Rubin’s trademark stripped down approach works perfectly here for a singer like Adele whose voice should be the sole focus of the construction of the song.

Top Tracks On ’21’

  • “Rolling In the Deep”
  • “Rumour Has It”
  • “I’ll Be Waiting”
  • “Someone Like You”

Adele Is a Durable Star

Adele proves on this second album she is a durable star. The album 21 has already become one of the biggest hit albums in recent memory in the UK being certified double platinum for sales just four weeks after release. She has both a #1 and a #2 hit single from the collection. It is gratifying to see such a strong public response to this truly powerfully gifted young woman. As 21 is set to be released in the US, “Rolling In the Deep” is climbing sales charts, and the path to #1 on the album chart seems nearly guaranteed. Pop music is ready for a huge talent like Adele. Listen to 21. It is highly likely to be one of your favorite albums of 2011.

Adele, I just spent 4 hrs. both in listening to your music and review. The review was kind of short. Only 5 mins. in finding how to give a review,but it was a 4 hr. review. Breath-Taking!Your music is beautiful too!Ha! Ha! Woe! Wait a minute! That being both (From Your Soul) heavenly beauty and angelic in nature. Out of this world!What came to mind in the name Simon, is Simon in the bible was the only soul that helped Jesus carry His Cross. But may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me,and I to the world.-Galatians 6:14 I felt your pain…but at the time of your loss, I believe it was directed for Simon. Sing unto the Lord girl! Like Falling Sky,the heavens will be opened!The Lord will carry Simon’s cross. Blessings to you both!~Glen

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